**SportsLine Rule Reminder/Help Thread**


alcoholic66: Linebackers???????? I would have said Holy Cross didn't participate with Maxpreps but I see Remetich made it. Rightly deserved. How do you leave Grubbs off? Dec 26, 2019 12:35:38 GMT -6
j: where can i find the list of 6-5A honorable mentions? Jan 31, 2020 14:55:42 GMT -6
j: all district not all state Jan 31, 2020 14:58:43 GMT -6
tigers5: What kind of voting takes place here? Erath gets 1 on second team and 3 on honorable mention? With a 5-5 record..only 1 win vs a winning team? Feb 17, 2020 11:34:08 GMT -6
iknownuthing2: Don't know what happened here but my regular login no longer works. I created this one to contact you and see if you could help get the other one back up and running. If I got canned for some reason, I would like to know that too. Apr 22, 2020 11:48:23 GMT -6
strong1: My posts aren’t showing up Jul 12, 2020 18:19:29 GMT -6
Sixpack: Since Colonel Sanders is a chicken's worst nightmare I advised the poster that a black person agreeing with the republican mindset would be like a chicken agreeing with Colonel Sanders. Jul 20, 2020 15:40:10 GMT -6
alcoholic66: I would be clucking loudly fore a republican who had black unemployment at a record low before corona virus. Jul 21, 2020 21:37:55 GMT -6
aae: /Users/tbrown/Desktop/IMG_7985.PNG Jul 25, 2020 14:01:29 GMT -6
aae: All-Access Education is looking for full or part-time sales representatives. A service educating athletes and parents and athletes on how to get a college scholarships. Email allaccesseducation@yahoo.com for more information. Jul 25, 2020 14:05:47 GMT -6
hongkongphouy: 2011 AAAAA Semi-Final Carencro v Byrd Jul 30, 2020 12:33:47 GMT -6
scoopandscore: I heard Richwood need a week 1 and week 3 game. Sept 30, 2020 8:37:29 GMT -6
sunnyd56: Wait this is what this dude bragging about 🤣🤣🤣 Oct 24, 2020 22:13:01 GMT -6
kbanes: Well, I've seen all three play, and Zachary has looked the best to me so far. Oct 31, 2020 7:41:44 GMT -6
Hortdaddy: Indy,,,, the team at Calvary has a chance to be one of the best I have seen since this is my second time there... Lyddy does have a hot hand with a line and receivers to go with him and a explosive running attack. AJ is the OC and does a good job. Nov 23, 2020 13:02:21 GMT -6
haze4200: Just saying, these boys deserve some res6 Dec 18, 2020 2:03:44 GMT -6
coolaroola: Thomas Bachman. Mar 16, 2021 7:04:28 GMT -6
zebrainput: Have there been any update on the location of the state tournament for baseball/softball? How are the parks in Sulphur? Have they been repaired at this point in the year? Mar 25, 2021 7:41:45 GMT -6
djrides: Evangel is reaping what they sewed years ago... They can`t be unsewed... Sept 21, 2021 9:32:34 GMT -6
flablete: well...you were right...BC lost Oct 6, 2021 10:20:15 GMT -6